OZON X – I™ is a portable, high-power ozone generator obtaining the most advanced technology in controlled air treatment

The OZON X – ITM is a mobile and easy-to-use ozone generator for indoor use only. It is a computer-controlled, automatic equipment that meets the highest safety requirements. The control uses the self-developed, unique system which has a dual-phase operating cycle.


Making the process more effective, safer and more traceable. Only vertically flowing ozone generators have real efficency | An ozone destruct cycle eliminates the mandatory health wait time and ventilation of the premises avoiding potential health risks and the chance of recontamination | Follow-up with an integrated IT system makes real-time information available about the treatment.


The ozone generator will only work effectively if it delivers ozone vertically to the area to be treated. This is because O3 is heavier than air, so it cannot spread upwards. The efficiency of horizontally flowing machines is highly questionable.


The ozone generator has a multilingual communication panel that allows you to follow up treatments.

Ozone destruction cycle

After ozone treatment, ozone decomposes to oxygen over time. To eliminate the mandatory health wait time and ventilation of the premisises, which are typical characteristics of treatments performed by other machines on the market, OzonX has been equipped with an ozone destruct cycle, thereby speeding up the destruction process.


Our features provide additional flexibility and reliability in various customer applications

O3 output

70,000 mg/h

Coverage area

280-580 m3/h (10,000-20,000 cu.ft)

Flow height

3-4 m (10-13 ft) due to the professional fan

PLC control panel

Multilanguage display


Fully automatic activation and deactivation cycles


Minimum 15 minutes, maximum 48 hours


Web application based on SQL database



5A circuit breaker Emergency Stop Button

Incubator development for assessing effectiveness and damage

It is essential for our team to be flexible and reliable, with our eye constantly on developing technology. We are continuously improving our devices.

In addition, we assess and analyze, in every space we treat, all of the surrounding, untreated materials, to see how their structure might be affected by the presence of ozone. For measuring this, we developed a special incubator that is capable of testing any material. With the high concentration of ozone (up to 1000 ppm) from pure oxygen, we can simulate any degree of material fatigue, even slight degradation.


Archive Preservation

With warehouse costs rising, and therefore often overstuffed, there is a growing need for document preservation, namely, the disinfection of important records. Archives are a particular challenge, because of the sheer volume of paper documents, which makes them extremely vulnerable to harmful, fast spreading fungus. Our team took on this challenge, and developed a customized solution for fungi remediation in archives.

During the process, documents are treated in a special chamber with a high concentration of ozone-enriched air for a period of time that correlates to the degree of contamination.

After decontamination, the working conditions of document handlers improves, and the chances of getting infected by mold or contagions are drastically reduced, if employees are able to maintain appropriate safety and storage conditions.