Market-driven innovations and product developments

As an innovation-led technology company, we research and develop a broad range of state of the art products for the residential, commercial and industrial market.

We have a growing international presence with commercial operations across the 
globe, a rapidly expanding R&D centre and a network of top engineers.


Our technology- and market-oriented approach brings technological opportunities and market needs together in space and time, enabling highly efficient developments mainly in the in the fields of disinfection and energy solutions.

Fully customizable eStorage systems

SMARTESTORAGE™ gathers and stores your renewable energy, allowing it to be utilized when needed. The storage packs are fully customizable to meet your establishment’s needs.



Vertical axis wind generator

VertiGO SRG is an extremely low-noise (silent), environmentally friendly, cost-effective, high-capacity, long-life wind generator requiring no maintenance cycles and capable of generating electric power starting from a wind speed of 0.5 m/s.


Industrial-grade ozone generators

Our high-performance portable ozone generators feature the most advanced technology in controlled air treatment.



Our own custom designed system

A 500 kWh SmartEST Utility energy storage system in a 20-foot shipping container stores renewable (solar and wind) energy, powering a building as well as a 70 kW AC EV charger, while selling power to the grid.

The system, built for demonstration purposes, is capable of much more output, is expandable, and is DC charged directly from the power generation source, without the need for an inverter or grid connection.

The container needs no cooling, is transportable and is used for:

    1. Smoothing out pulsating energy production of renewable farms (wind & solar)
    2. Micro networks & off-grid stand-alone operations
    3. Ancillary services
    4. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and maintaining continuity of operations during longer power outages
    5. Energy arbitration

Future innovative technologies powered by passion

Our mission is to solve the global need for innovative, effective technology that also possesses integrated social benefits. Our approach always includes responsible use of resources, harmonized ecological processes, and combatting crime and pollution. We are focused on providing a safe world for future generations.